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Feel the Fear


Feel the fear and do it anyway is a quote that has helped me along a lot. I spoke to a dear friend who is about to strike out on her own into self employment and I picked on a familiar sense of apprehension. I believe strongly in taking a hold of your own life rather than placing it in the hands of someone else. Sometimes that means becoming self-employed, in other situations it means deciding the path of your career. Rather than relying on a promotion at work, educate yourself, sit some exams and improve yourself in the direction you want to go, then go there. I think it was Noori Shadri (Pepsi CEO) who turned down a promotion because although it would have meant more money and responsibility, it wasn’t exactly the direction she wanted her career to take.

You may have come across the acronym of fear, (False Evidence Appearing Real). My over-analytic mind struggles to accept that acronym- I would typically respond by asking “What if the evidence is actually real?” I don’t exactly live by it, I have tried but it just doesn’t work for me.  Instead I prefer to feel the fear and do it anyway. Because I know the fear is real.

Fear can be used to our advantage. We have a fight or flight mechanism built into us which makes us run when we see danger, it protects us. We can also use fear to tell if we are stepping out of our comfort zone, the first step in moving forward in life is the step outside our comfort zone. Have you come across Christians who choose to use fear and other negative emotions as an indication that God does not want them to go there? Perhaps you are one of those. I know I have done that. Like trying to start a new venture and everything just seem to be stacked up against you. Since it isn’t smooth sailing certainly cannot be of the Lord. Well Jesus never promised it will be smooth sailing. As a matter of fact He said that in this world you will  you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. God forbid that the only way He can communicate with His children is through fear and other negative emotions. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the Holy Spirit does disturb our spirit when things are not right. The peace of God guards our hearts and minds into all truths, so when the peace of God is missing it is time to sit up and be alert. There is a difference between the absence of peace and the presence of fear- another blog, another time.

But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. Some versions say cheer up, another says be brave or be courageous. These are all antonyms of fear. The Lord has warned us that fear is expected as we go through life with its troubles, but rather than becoming a victim of paralysis by fear, we need to be brave, be courageous, be cheerful because He has overcome the world, praise God!

This brings us back to my point. Are you afraid? If so you are on the right side of the dirt. You are “in this life where you will experience many troubles”, that is plenty to be grateful for. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you need to memorize that scripture along with the antonyms of fear and surge along for Jesus has overcome the world and it’s troubles.

Thank you for reading, don’t hold back from sharing your thoughts in the comments box, its a good feeling! Have a blessed day!