He messed up and I am pleased!


My 10-year-old son attended an audition yesterday for a role in a musical. He did not get selected to go on to the next stage. He was devastated, I was not. In fact I was quite pleased.

The previous night found me very angry at him because unbeknownst to me he was watching Looney Tunes instead of learning his lines. Angry is an understatement, I’ll leave it at that. The reason I’m pleased is because I see this as an opportunity for him to learn about the vicissitudes of life in a controlled environment. Quite simply if you don’t work hard you are not going anywhere fast. On our way home he was very unhappy, and interestingly enough he was shocked that he didn’t get selected. I wasn’t shocked  I know my son and I know there were others there who are better singers than him. He has an angelic voice but unlike some of his competitors hasn’t had singing lessons. He asked me if I knew what it felt like to be a failure, yes he does play that whole ‘I’m a victim’ crap sometimes. I don’t tolerate it. I explained to him that a failure is someone who falls and refuses to get up. A failure isn’t someone who fails. Through it all he remained in a grave and sombre mood. Me, I was chirpy. My chirpiness stemmed from that fact that I knew he was safe, emotionally and in every sense; he was not in any real danger of falling into a black hole he couldn’t get out of. He was not at risk of his life becoming a failure or entering into juvenile depression. I knew that but he didn’t.

Sometimes we go through challenges and trials that seem as though God has left us to sort it out on our own. It feels like life is spiralling out of control. We think; this is it, I’m finished, how will I ever recover? I know there has been times I have asked the Lord, ‘don’t you care?‘ Sound familiar? The disciples uttered the same words when they were on the boat in the midst of the storm. (Mark 4:38) While they panicked,  Jesus slept peacefully. Remember that they were experienced fishermen and had dealt with storms before. Clearly this was no ordinary one. Jesus slept soundly because he knew they were safe but they didn’t know that. God knows the end from the beginning  He knows how it will all work out. His thoughts towards us are good and not evil, He knows the end of the situation is a good one.

In biology we used to carry out ‘controlled experiments’. You have two groups of subjects and you control the environment or factors of each to determine the different outcomes. The subjects do not do as they please, you determine what happens because you control the external or internal factors. God is in control of your life. No matter how ‘crazy’ things appear to be, He has permitted it to happen and it will end well.

In all things give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you. I Thess 5:18

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  2. Life’s lessons are daily lessons. I like the way you’re teaching him. Us ‘adults’ are continually learning and this little piece has been a blessing. I will show it to my kids too. Hopefully, it will aid their growth too. Thanks for sharing in the way only you can!

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